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How to order

The process of consumption experience
  • How to register an official store account of langsdom brand
Method 1
If your IP is the first time enter the langsdom store ,the store will automatically pop up the login page ,if you have an account ,you can log in the store directly. If you have not ,you can register a new account after fill in the basic information. Operation as follows:
Type into the search engine
Pop up the login page and click the join free

Fill in the basic information (with * required)

Then click “create my account” ,congratulation on joining us
Method 2
If you want to browse our products in the beginning and find that you are interesting in purchasing,you can enter into the order page after selecting the products and fill in the basic information , you can turn into our member
  Click buy now

Fill in the basic information

Congratulation on your joining us
Method 3
You can also click theregisterbutton directly on the home page and pop up the login page, as shown in the method 1, fill in the basic in formation step by step, you can becoming our member 
 Click on that like the photo

Pop up the login page

Fill in the basic information (with * required)

Congratulation on joining us
IIThe VIP membership system of langsdom brand official store
If you are already an ordinary member and have high activity on the official website, with more return orders and the cumulative payment reaching 2000 dollars, congratulations on becoming a VIP member of langsdom.
Those who become our VIP members can enjoy our regular VIP member activities
III Ordering process
 Log in your account

Select the products, click the properties, click the “buy now” button to place the order directly

You can add it to the shopping cart first if you choose more than one products , then to continue browse other products,finally click the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the page to place a unified order

After confirming the purchase,enter the payment page , After confirming that the products information is correct, click the checkout

Enter the payment page -fill in the receiving address information-select the logistics-select the payment method-make payment -place an order to complete

 Fill in the shipping address, email address

Choose logistics and payment method, click to create order

Arrive at the payment port and log in to the Paypal page to make a payment.

After the payment is completed, your email will receive payment completion and wait for delivery information (may not reply)

After that, you can view the order message and track the logistics in my order.

IV  how to find the products in the langsdom brand official store
1click the find icon in the upper right corner of homepage, you can input the keywords of required products or products model and click “find” 

2Click the products column on the homepage to pull down and search all the products of the store by category