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Legal Statement

I. General
TheWebsite is created and maintained by Guangzhou Langsdom Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Langsdom"). All users who browse theWebsite should read the statements and terms on theWebsite carefully andcomply withthe laws and regulations related to the Internet. Once youhave used theWebsite, including but not limited to browsing information, downloading content, and using linksto third-party websites provided by the Website, it shall be deemed that you have understood and fully agreed on all terms of this Legal Statement and are willing to bear all therisks and legal liabilities arising therefrom. If you do not agree toabide bythese terms, be sure not to use the Website.
Langsdom reserves the right to correct, alter and update this Statement from time to time.

II. Statement on Intellectual Property Rights
(1) Langsdom has always paid high attention to the protection of intellectual property rights and complied withall Chinese laws, regulations and binding normative documentsrelating to intellectual property rights.
(2) All information on the Website, including but not limited to all trademarks, labels, corporate names and logos, text, photos, audios, videos and procedures used thereon, Website layout, web design, Websiteconfiguration and data editing and use of software or procedures, and theirintellectual property rights shall be independently vested inLangsdom or jointly owned by the legitimate right holdersof the relevant content.
(3) Unless otherwise provided by law,no person may copy, edit, disseminate, compile, modify, download, imitate, plagiarize, republish, mirror, restore, decompile or disassemble any content of the copyright and other intellectual property rights vested in Langsdomin any form without the written authorization of it, otherwise Langsdom will pursue legal responsibilities according to law.
(4) Where any third party reproduces the content of the Website within the reasonable use,it must indicate the source, original author and link of the reproduced content without deleting Langsdom's copyright logo (if any), otherwise Langsdom will reserve the right to pursue its legal responsibilities.

III. Exceptions
(1) Langsdom does not provide any express or implied guarantees about the correctness, timeliness, effectiveness, stability, availability and non-infringement of the content of theWebsite; it neither guarantees the stability of the server nor that you can browse, read, copy and use theWebsite at any time; it neither guarantees the accuracy or completeness of text, graphics, materials, links, instructions, statements or other matters contained in the content of the Website nor guarantees no existing errorsin printing, copying or other inputs of the content of the Website. Langsdom may change the content of theWebsite from time to time without further notice.
(2) Users shall bear all the risks and consequences due totheiruse of services relating to theWebsite by themselves. In any case, the Website shall not assume any legal responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental or third-party losses (including, but not limited to, loss of profit, loss of information and data, property torts, etc.) arising from the use of the content of the Website or the failure to access the Website.
(3) Whereany government orjudiciary authority requires disclosure of user's personal datapursuant to laws and administrative regulations, the Website will provide personal data to such government or judiciary authorityas required or for the purpose of public security, without assuming any responsibility.
(4) Links to third-party websites displayed on the Website do not constitute Langsdom's guarantees to such third-party websites, soitshall not be liable for the effectiveness of suchwebsites and their contents. The risk of accessing hyperlinks to suchwebsites shall be borne by users.
(5) The views expressed or implied in the relevant articles and materials reproduced by the Website do not represent Langsdom's ones. In case of any copyright disputes over the information reproduced by the Website, please contact Langsdom and provide relevant supporting information.
(6) Langsdom shall not assume any responsibility for any direct or indirect damage or loss arising from any third person's illegal access to the Website for the purpose of obtaining relevant passwords, information and content.
(7) In case of virus infection whileany person is entering, using or browsing Langsdom's Website,Langsdom shall not be liable. Langsdomwill not bear any responsibility for virus infectioncaused by links to third-party websites.

IV. Protection of Users'Privacy Rights
(1) Langsdom respects the privacy rights of users. It never collects users’information without obtaining the consent of them, and promises not to sell or disclose users’ names, e-mail, information and addresses that it has obtaineddue to the needs of the serviceto any third partywithout the permission of them.
(2) Langsdom never publishes or disseminates any information registered by users on the Website, except in the following circumstances:
1. Obtainingusers' express authorization in advance;
2. Required by the judgments or verdicts of courts and arbitration bodies and other judicial proceedings;
3. Required by relevant government departments in charge;
4. Users'violation of the terms of use or other acts damaging Langsdom's interests;
5. Required by other relevant laws and regulations.
(3) If you wishto use any services that can only be provided by theWebsite for its registered users, you should agree to the following matters: to provide your true, correct, latest and complete personal information according to the prompt of the service registry of the Website and update the registration information from time to time to ensure its truthfulness, correctness, timeliness and completeness. If you provide any wrong, untrue, outdated or incomplete or misleading information, or if the Website justifies in suspecting that the aforementioned information is wrong, untrue, outdated or incomplete or misleading, the Website shall be entitled to suspend or cancel your account and refuse your use of all or any part of the services thatit provides in the present and future.

V. Statement of Trademarks and Domain Names
(1) All Langsdom logos and word trademarks used on Langsdom's Website ( are registered by Langsdom in China and/or other countries. No unit or individual may use them in any way without the written authorization of Langsdom.
(2) Domain name is owned by Langsdom. No unit or individual may use it without the written authorization of Langsdom.

VI. Application of Law and Jurisdiction
(1) Any controversies or disputes concerning the Website and its statements shall be governed bythe laws of the People's Republic of China. Any controversies concerning the Website and its statements shall be under the jurisdiction of the People's Court of the place where Langsdom is located. If any of the above terms are made illegal due to any amendments to the laws of the People's Republic of China, the parties will agree to Langsdom's amendments to such terms.
(2) Langsdom reserves the right to interpret and explain this statement within the scope of the law.